Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 25 10/25/12

So I'm writing this one
In response to your earlier post
That you'd hurt anyone
Who messed with your daughter...
May I just begin with...
You have no clue motherfucker...
You have no clue
How much that statement
Is going to haunt you
In the days to come...

Because she follows this blog
Because you sure weren't thinking
That I was someone's daughter
When you ripped me apart
Cancer already took your buddy
Your partner in crime
So you get to be the proud
Owner of
My revenge....

So it's begun...
She'll have questions
I wouldn't ask for less...
She knows you have a buddy
That you lost to cancer
Just a few years back
She's old enough to remember...
And I really hope she does...

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