Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jason IV 10/20/12

I know you probably
Don't read these posts
Which is why I feel
I can tell you here
And here alone

You own my soul
Purchased it with
Your goodness
Your selflessness
Your amazing ability
To see inside me
To break through my

You've found
Most of the pieces
Of my jagged heart
And you're piecing
Together the whole
Fucked up mess
With the love
You give
We make
So generously

I just want to tell you
Everything there was
Everything there is
And more...
And then some...
I want to give you
My everything
I love you more
Than I can even
Put into words

You are a crucial part
Of the fragile light
I've ignited inside me
And you're helping
To fan that flame
With the jet fuel
Of your acceptance
Of your love
Of a broken down woman
Who is undeserving
Of you

And knows it

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