Friday, October 19, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 18 10/19/12

I've begun
The painful process
Of undoing
Your vicious intent
Your violent fuck
Your impressive ability
To fuck up
Everything good
That comes my way

I'm not angry because of you
Don't take me wrong
I've been angry at you
Since I was young,
But the anger is what fuels me
What feeds the beast
And I'd love to starve it
Just once
Just for a moment
To not feel this rage
Inside of my chest
Every time he tries to
Do something for me
That I won't accept

Because I hold onto
The lessons I learned
Bleeding at your feet
With your cock
Still covered
In my innocence

You don't take
What you don't deserve...
And I don't deserve
Someone as good
As he is
So thank you
For fucking me again

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