Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 23 10/24/12

You know what?
Go fuck yourself today
I'm really just not into
Fighting with myself
About all the crazy shit
That runs through my head
Concerning my need
To avenge this wrong
To exact my revenge...

Today really marks a moment for me
Because just for today
I refuse to allow you
To rent space in my head
You already occupied enough
Of my spaces...
Tonight you can't have
The place I save for him
The man who fills me
With his goodness
Who I spent the day with
Sick with a damn cold
He shows me
What a man is supposed to be
You only showed me nightmares
And now...
Now I'm beginning to believe
Because of him
His absolute acceptance
Of the fucked up bitch I am
He makes me believe again...
I do deserve better
Then the hell I've survived
Partially intact perhaps...
But still alive
Still aware
Still fighting

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