Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 14 10/15/12

I've written to you
Just too damn much
For me to retain
Any semblance of

I've gotten so tired
Of carrying
The weight
Of what you've done
And who I am
Because of it

I suck cigarettes
Like I'm giving my
Hatred head
Drop the f-bomb
Like the fucker's hot
And I could give a shit
Who likes it and
Who does not

I'm tired
Of hearing
The memory of the
Things you said
While you were
Fucking me raw
Things that I'd
Only suspected
Until then
But believe now
With a clarity
You'll never know

I am a dirty little slut
And I don't give a shit
I'm not worth using
Just bend me over
And let me take it
Up the ass
Like a good little girl
At least I don't deny
I like it that way

You wanted a dirty whore
And you got one
And now that I'm older
I'd love to introduce you
To the monster you created

But I ran

When I saw you
Just like the child
That couldn't run
All those years ago

One of these days
I won't run

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