Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Letter to Jillian 10/15/12

I miss you so much tonight
I lay thinking about you
Your beautiful
Kaleidoscope eyes
When you laugh
The angels smile

You've become a young woman
Thrown off the ribbons
Of your childhood
And you're rushing
Straight into becoming
A woman

A young woman who I don't know
Part of me is dying inside
Without you...
I miss you so much tonight
That I ache in my chest
That I do nothing but yearn
To feel you in my arms again

I have done you so wrong
I've made this mess
But every step I've taken
Down the road I'm on
Is improving me...
So I can be the mother
You deserve

If you'll only forgive me
Enough to allow me to show

My love for you is endless...
And I will be here
To face my reckoning
For the pain I've
Inadvertently inflicted
On you...
Because of my mistakes

And I will wait
Until you're ready to
Confront me....
But I already know
Just how you feel.
I've been in your shoes
And I never dreamed
I'd put you through
Such hell.

You are a miracle
You are my light
It' so dark here
Without you
Please baby...
Shine on me again

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