Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 15 10/16/12

Where the hell did you come from?
Do you know you're shitting on my sanity?
Why the fuck did you have to come back into
My life this way?
Because of you
I destroy every damn thing I touch
Every thing becomes diseased
Every damn thing
I really fucking hate you today
Just as I do every damn day
Since you raped me
Since you ripped me apart.
Do you even know what rape does?
How it felt to grow into
This bitter bitch you see today?
How it feels to know
My ribbons of innocence
Are still laying face down in the gully
While you fucked me into oblivion
While you fucked me out of my mind
And into a depth of rage
You can only imagine.
I fucking hate you today
Just as I do every day
Until I have some kind of revenge
Until I somehow make right
What can never be righted...

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