Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Sheep 10/19/12

How does one
Let go of who they are
What they've been
And not get majorly
Fucked up again
For their effort?

How do normal people
(and i use that term extremely loosely)
The ones that have never
Lived as an addict,
Our crazy lifestyles
Our fucked up mentality
Our skewed view of life
Our lack of principals at times.
How do they sit in
Judgement on our sins
Having no fucking clue
As to what they're saying
What they're starting...

You don't know
What you started in me
With your endless criticizms
With you absolute belief
That I am no good...
Your black sheep
Your outcast
The one you left behind
When you moved on
With your pretty little life
And left me writhing
In hell

For this
I'd like to take the opportunity
To thank you
Through all the pain
All the misery
Your abandonment
Made me who I am
And now I am stronger
Than you
Because of it

I no longer give
A holy fuck
What you think of
The way I've had to
Live my life
I've had to survive
In the world you
Only live in
You only exist in

I've learned to take your world
And make it my own
And from here on out
I don't give a shit
Who or what I have to
Leave in the dust
To get what I want
To get what I need

I really am your daughter
Now aren't I
I really am your child
In darkness only
In the shadows
On the outside
But looking in
No longer

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