Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bre's Riding Hood (revisited) 10/20/12

I'm walking through
The woods he stalked me
Through as a child
As an innocent
Which he single-handedly
Relived me of
When he stalked me
All the way to
When he threw me down
On my little red cloak
And fucked the innocence
Right outta me
Him and his buddy
Gotta share with the pack
I guess

So here I am
Walking through the woods
That hold the memory
Of that night
I am armed to the hilt
And by God
That fucking wolf
Has met his match
In me
This time,
He'll meet his fucking
Maker at my hands
He'll be the one on his
Belly, face ground into
The forest floor
My foot on his neck
Holding him down
And I'll be the one
Doing the thrusting
This time
But my blade
Yearns to taste
A different

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