Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hope 10/24/12

A foreign word
To people like me
People who know the
Flip side of hope...
Rage that chews on your insides
Like a beast you can't set free
It sets you on fire
An inferno the likes of which
Seem to be atomic at times

Something few people truly know
Nothing like some silly
Hope I can get this or
Hope I can afford that....
Like a minuscule
Ray of light
That burns your eyes
When you finally start looking up
From the bottom of the hole in hell
You built  yourself
And you get the nerve
To start clawing your way
Toward it...

I know hope...
I know it's a living thing
Something that puts out the fire
And gives you the strength to stand
When all you want to do
Is let go
I know hope...
And I pray
You find it
Along with me

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