Thursday, October 11, 2012

Choir Girl 10/11/12

Sitting here
To an old friend
Who got me thinking...

Do you know
That this junkie
This unimaginable slut
This filthy fucking cunt
This woman you
Look down on
In digust
Was once a choir girl?

I was pure then...
I was innocent then
Because my mind
Hadn't unlocked
The memory
Of what you did to me
The night you
Fucked the innocence
Right out of me
The night you
Raped your way
Into my soul
The night
You murdered
The Choir Girl

The slaughter
Of the choir girl...
She's now a bloody
Fucked up mess
Because you killed
Her and left her
Lying face down
In the gully
That night

She didn't get
To limp away
Like I did
She didn't have
To live with
This memory
I carried her out
And tried
So hard
To make
Her whole

Just sometimes...
I wish you'd killed
Us both

But I'm here
So mutilated
So broken
And so damn
Unclean that
I'll never be able
To put her back

Because time
Can't erase
The memory
Of my unraveling
Of the night
You took the me
Out of me
Time can not
The murder
Of the
Choir Girl

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