Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Irelynd 10/16/12

I believe I've told you
Time and time again
That I love you
Heart, Soul and Mind

The only time in my life
That I knew innocence
Was when you were
Inside me...
Those tiny fingers
Those tiny hands
Have held my soul
Since you occupied me
Since you healed me
From the inside out
You're like a little
My tiny tinkerbelle

I miss you more than words can say
You and your sister...
Each hold
Hands full of what goodness
There was inside me
I've said so many times
That I'll make this right
But I have left good enough

But I'm not the idle type
I can no longer respect the
Assumption that you're better off
Without me
Time for a change my girl
I just hope
I pray
I'm doing the right thing

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