Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jason V 10/24/12

You know me and music
That I allow it to take me places
Usually places that allow my rage
To be freed

But tonight I'm stuck on one
Particular song...
That I never thought would
Fit someone like me.

"I am beautiful with you
Even in the darkest part of me
I am beautiful with you
Make me feel the way it's supposed to be
You're here with me
You show me this and I believe
That I am beautiful with you"

It fits how you make me feel so well
You take my darkness and siphon it out
Until there's nothing left there
But me and you

You have broken down all my defenses
You have breached my walls and left me
Full of your light...
A love like I've never felt that I deserved

I'm covered in scars
My arms are ripped apart
From the damage my darkness did
From the self-inflicted pain of my past

But I do...
I feel beautiful with you

(Song is Beautiful With You by Halestorm)

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