Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 21 10/22/12

Today was a good one
For my self esteem.
Or maybe my lack of said
Because I can't decide
If I really hate you
As badly,
As fiercely
As I once did

Without you,
I'd be in-equipped
To deal with the likes
Of people like I've been
Flaying alive all day
With my whiplash tongue
My razor sharp wit
And the rage... always
Always the rage

So I guess a thank you
Is in order here...
Thank you
For being a dirty fucker
For being the man who
Ripped my cherry out
And chewed it up
While I lay there with
The blood in my eyes
Boiling into
The inferno of hate
I put in place of
My innocence....

So thank you
So, so much
For raping me into
A bitter, hateful cunt

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