Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wanting 10/24/12

One thing I'm hoping you'll take away
From reading what I'm about to write here
Is that sex is an ageless thing
It's nice... don't get me wrong
But it's not everything.
That moment of release comes and is gone
So damn fast that you wonder why you
Even bothered to hook up in the first place.
I've had indiscriminate sex
Lots of it
I've worked as a "lingere model"
Which is a nice way of saying
I was a stripper without a pole...
But I've also worked the pole in my day
I'm not ashamed of these things
And perhaps I'm jaded somewhat from
My time in the above said positions
Men look at women like me and see
An easy lay
That's fine... see me that way
But you'll find there's nothing "easy"
About this old whore
But I feel the need to impart some of my
Worldly wisdom
The first thing I'll impart is this
There is really no such thing
Sex without attachments
Because every time you lay down
With someone...
You give away a part of you
And there is something you'll come
To learn about the way the mind of a
Woman works when it comes to sex
It's an ageless concept
We want the dream...
The fairy tale that we were spoon fed
As little girls...
We want someone to love us whole-heartedly
I've lived my life and done a whole lot
That I'm not proud of
But there's one lesson I've picked up
Along the road
Wanting is not enough
Sex doesn't fill the void
Sex doesn't heal
Sex is a weapon
Wielded in the moment
But the scars don't fade
And now that I know
What it is to really "make love"
There is no going back
Because I've got enough scars
To last a lifetime

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