Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 9 10/11/12

Not even you
Can fuck me up
On a day like today
Not even you
The destroyer of
The cherry popper

I'm slowly digging
Your memory
A new hole
To hide in
One I can cover
With the light
You stole from me
That I'm now
Getting back

Because believe it
Or not
I am a good person
I am worth something
Maybe not much
In the eyes of
Those I loved
But in my eyes
I am worth
So much more
Than I've ever been
Credited with...

I'm more than
Just a fuck up
More than what
The world sees
On the outside
More than a
Dirty whore/junkie
More than a
Degenerate bitch
More than a
Bad mother
More than your

And then some

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