Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joey L 10/17/12

We were children
When we met
Neither one of us
Knew how far
How long
Or how rough
The road would become

You were my first love
The first to excite me
To share my musical passion
To show me physical passion
To show me a love
That burned bright
Inside of me

Mr. Charisma
That's for sure
Everyone you met
Was touched by your
Enigmatic outlook
And I was
At your mercy
From moment one

We created a miracle
With the love we made
And I loved you so then...
She is the best thing
We ever did together

But we screwed up...
We took what we had
And let it implode
Along with our sanity
Along with us

I sit here thinking about you
And I wonder how you're doing
No matter what,
Part of me will always
Look back at the love
And wonder...
We had a fierce love
We had a passion for
Each other that wouldn't dim
And now you passionately
Despise me...
And I you at times...

But I'm old enough now
To look back on us
And look at the good....
Believe me,
I know the bad
Was really bad
But the good
Was so good
I just pray
That you'll see
The other side
Of this hell
We share
And you'll
How good it feels
To be loved
Because you do
Deserve it
I know that
I've forgiven you
For the bad
And I hope
Only for the best
For you
Mr. Charisma

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