Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oblivion 10/21/12

Why must things get so damn confusing
Why do they fall apart
When does my past just end
And the future start

I'm tired of the waiting
Putting barbed wire round my heart
I won't let them in,
But be damned if I'll let you out

How much time must pass
How much must I bleed
How far do I take
My reckoning

How far does this need to go
How much rage must I spew
How much anger
How much hate
Will make this
You all just dissipate

I know what lies silent
Lies dormant in my soul
I know this demon
I know her role

Here hold my hand she says
I'll take you home
I'll give you back oblivion
You'll never be alone

I'll smack that stupid bitch
I'll fucking light her up
Never again
It's never home
It's never enough
I'd rather be alone

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