Saturday, October 20, 2012

Past Lovers 10/20/12

So this one goes out to you...

Those of you I've lied to
Those of you I've hurt
Those of you I fucked over
Those of you I left behind
Those of you that still believe
In the me I used to be

I'm done
Letting the memory
Of my past
Put a stain
On what's coming
On who I am now
I'm really tired
Of your little messages
Letting me know
Just what you think
Of the me you never knew
Maybe, just maybe
You look at me now
And realize
What jealousy
Tastes like

There are some
Just a few
That don't deserve
What I'm about to say
So forgive me
In advance

But to those of you
(and you know who you are)
Who still sit in judgement
And talk yourself into believing
You're better than I am
You talk your shit
Like you're chewing on it
And now
You really are
Because I'm not
Your little fuck doll
To be used like a whore
And thrown away
When you get your
Girlfriend out of jail
Or because you're married
Or because your family hates me
Or because you're just as
Broken inside as I am
Over the loss of your father
You don't realize
How good you could have
Had it with me...
And looking back on you
I wish you well
But I also wish you hell
I wish for you
All the things you've
Called me
Will revisit your life
And make you feel
As I did...

No fucking good

And if I get the job I've
Recently applied for...
I'll be the one
Judging you
In hell

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