Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surface 10/17/12

I am amazed
By people that feel
They have any right
What - so- ever
To judge me
On my past

I am not
The drugs I did
I am not
The needles
I shoved into my blood
I am not
What you see
On the surface
I am so much more

I am a gentle heart
I am a dreamer
I am better than I was
I am more than the
Memories I made
Into nightmares

Tho I try to make myself
Believe that I'm not
I am a good person
I am more than
What you see
On the surface

If you took
Just a moment
To slow your role
You'd see
I'm more
Than you
Ever believed

And believe it
Or not
I really
Can't make myself
Give a flying Fuck
About what you
Think you see
On the surface

Try me bitch
I'm so much more
Than you
Could ever be

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