Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letter to My Rapist 17 10/18/12

So today is something somehow new for me
I didn't stay awake with you
Burning through my sanity last night
Your darkness was replaced
By the light of my daughter and her
Amazing best friend
Showing me how beautiful
It is to be young, to be free
Of memories like those I hold
I have to stop dwelling on you
I have to let you go somehow
But you're ingrained in me
Although I wish to hell
I could exorcise this demon
Of you
Of your memory
Of your very existence
The hate I have inside for you
Is like a living, breathing thing
Something I nurture
Something I hold dear
But you see,
I'm finding that there are other
Things that I have that I hold higher
Than you
My love for those two girls
Is just one for an example
Holding them wipes the memory of you
Absolutely clean
To where you don't exist anymore
And I thank God daily
For them...
For their innocence
For their light
For their ability
To make me want
To feel clean
For the first time

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