Friday, October 12, 2012

Victim's We Are NOT! (Rape) 10/12/12

Having been there myself
There are some things
I'd like to say to those of you
Who have walked this mile
And gotten as far as I have
Which isn't very far

He may have
Irrevocably changed you
He may have
Hurt you so badly
You feel there isn't
Room for anything
But the pain
But believe me
Healing isn't as hard
As I made it
For myself
He may have shattered you
Or placed the splinters
In your soul
But you can
Be free of
This memory...
And I know it's hard
I used heroin to forget
Popped so many pills
I thought I'd killed him
But all I really killed
Was me

The road is long
And you can't always
See the lines down the middle
But in your darkest moments
Remember this

I would be MORE than happy
To talk to anyone
Who responds to this post...
Maybe together
We can begin
The healing

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