Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letters to My Rapist 2... 10/4/12

Do you have any idea
How fucking bad I want to
Get my hands on you today
Any fucking clue
On how badly I hate you
For making me realize
That you ruined this
For me
Years before it ever began
The things I'd do to you
If you were in front of me
I can think of tortures
You never imagined possible
For the likes of you
Filthy fucking son-of-a whore
You asked for this
When you took my cherry
And chewed it to shit
Do you know how good it would
Feel to name you here
To let people know just what
Hides inside of you
To let your wife,
Your children
In on your infidelity
Of your corruption
In the darkness of your soul
But I'm choosing to keep my
Trap shut
So that someday
I can gift you
With what you deserve
From me to you
Your victim

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