Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sleepless 10/03/12

I can't shut my head off tonight
I can't seem to let go and let it be
So here I am trying to reason it through
But I just keep coming back to the same

I'm terrified
Completely and utterly
I don't know which end is up anymore
I'm really losing something in this finding

I lay beside you
And I fear what you'll do 
How you'll react when you see me 
For what I really am

Someone that isn't all in here
I've left so many pieces of me scattered
So much history that if I lay it all out
I'll lose you in the telling

How the hell did I get here
I tried to put up the wall
Swore I'd never let this happen 
I'd never allow this type of heart ache

So I fear you
Because I've let something happen here
That I wasn't expecting
I let you in
I've given you the weapon
And I'm just waiting 
For the wound

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