Thursday, October 4, 2012

Better 10/4/12

I know I'm lost
I don't deny my
I don't hide
The evil in me

I feel it there
Every time I'm in
Your arms lately
Like a kind of
Just eating away at
My soul

The knowledge that
I'll only complicate you
The belief that
I'm too covered in filth
To be good for anyone

But I sit there silently
I keep my damn mouth shut
I'd tell you anything you
Want to know
Except what
You need to hear

That I'm no good
I am not a lady
I am not whole
I am not clean
I am not someone
You build a life with
You deserve better

I can't undo what
Led me here
But I can do the
Right thing for once
I can make myself
Walk away

I'll find a way to
Walk away
Without letting
The loss of you
Kill what's left
Of me

I don't believe in much
But I do believe in you
You can do so much
Better than me

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